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Further Jam Jar Perfection – Centrepieces

17 Jun

Jam jars seem to be increasingly¬†popular on my blog, so why not continue fulfilling your desires?! This time, I am specifically looking a beautiful ways of using jam jars to create gorgeous centrepieces on your wedding tables. Cheap and cheerful – yes. Expensive and complicated – no. Here we go…

1. Simple is sometimes the best – why not pop a flower or two into the jar. One jar will work well on smaller tables, but you can go for as many as you want – even placing one on each place setting. Be careful not to choose big jars with long stemmed flowers otherwise people won’t be able to speak to those sitting across the table from them!

2. Sweeties Рhomemade or shop bought, either way they should reflect the theme of your wedding and look utterly delicious! Put enough jars on the table for each guest, and they double up as a wedding favour. That makes the clearing up at the end of the night much easier!

3. Candles. So easy. You can paint the glass any colour, or leave it clear, and you can do all sorts inside the jar, such as fill it with sand, or pebbles for example. You can really get this to match your theme. Be careful with ribbon, you don’t want to set the place alight! Try and get candles that will burn for the entire evening.

4. Fruit Рuse seasonal fruit to jazz up the tables. Tricky to find images to inspire you, but these, courtesy of Marianne Taylor Photography should be enough to convince you it looks beautiful!

creative Cornwall wedding photography

I hope this helps to inspire you!


photo booth

16 Aug

I came across this ingenious idea a couple of weeks ago when I was looking through some photos of a wedding a friend went to. I thought that is was such a fantastic idea.

The principle is simple. Hire out a photo booth (like the ones you get passport photos taken in) and let guests at your wedding take a variety of crazy, or traditional, photographs. Best of all, you can even get them made into a photo album. Great impromptu photographs. Sorted.

Here is a selection of companies who offer this service:

Booth Nation

Rent a Booth

Snappa Box

Party Potobooth Hire

Funky Photo Booth

Photobooth Rental Hire

Get snappy!