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From Here to Maternity – Wedding Dresses to Flatter Your Beautiful Bump

20 Jun

Getting married with a beautiful bump needn’t be a hassle. There are plenty of designers out there catering for you. More and more women are getting married while expecting, and they don’t want to compromise on style. Figures for 2009 showed that 20,000 brides were pregnant when they tied the knot. Here are some designers catering for these women…

* Tiffany Rose offers beautiful dresses at fantastic prices. If you are preparing for a wedding on a tight budget, look no further! All the dresses beautifully accommodate your bump, without compromising on style and elegance. They also offer a range of styles,colours and fabrics. So whether you are planning a more traditional wedding, or something a little more daring, there is something for you. Below are my favourites…

Asymmetrical Wedding Gown by Tiffany Rose

Above – Asymmetrical wedding gown, £325. Sizes 8-18.

Above – Ayla lace wedding dress, £495. Sizes 8-18.

To top things off delivery is super cheap too! £5 for UK orders, delivered within 3-5 working days. If you can’t wait that long to get your mitts on the dress, then they charge a very modest £9 for next day delivery (Monday-Friday).

* Amelia Classics is a well established bridal wear retailer, offering a range of lovely maternity wedding dresses. Prices are slightly more expensive, but still very affordable. A variety of styles are available, so whether you want a Grecian style dress, or something more structured, they should have something for you. Unfortunately, some of the images on the site are really small, so you can’t really make out the details. However, below are my favourites…


Above – Futile dress, £375. Sizes 10-20.


Above – Gail dress, £550.

* Maternity Bride is a fabulous collection of eco-friendly bridal wear, designed without being stereotypically ‘eco’ or ‘maternity’, which is no mean feat. Every dress in the Summer 2011 collection is gorgeous and very feminine. The collection also encompasses shorter dresses, as well as the more traditional. However, all the styles are heavily draped, which looks great, and is also comfortable. It was tough to pick my favourites, but here they are below…

Above – Acacia Dress


Above – Holly Dress

Although this brand is based in Los Angeles it can be delivered to the UK for $89 USD. It is worth every penny as the company is carbon neutral and eco conscious, and donates 3% of profits to children’s and environmental charities. Go on, indulge!


Further Jam Jar Perfection – Centrepieces

17 Jun

Jam jars seem to be increasingly popular on my blog, so why not continue fulfilling your desires?! This time, I am specifically looking a beautiful ways of using jam jars to create gorgeous centrepieces on your wedding tables. Cheap and cheerful – yes. Expensive and complicated – no. Here we go…

1. Simple is sometimes the best – why not pop a flower or two into the jar. One jar will work well on smaller tables, but you can go for as many as you want – even placing one on each place setting. Be careful not to choose big jars with long stemmed flowers otherwise people won’t be able to speak to those sitting across the table from them!

2. Sweeties – homemade or shop bought, either way they should reflect the theme of your wedding and look utterly delicious! Put enough jars on the table for each guest, and they double up as a wedding favour. That makes the clearing up at the end of the night much easier!

3. Candles. So easy. You can paint the glass any colour, or leave it clear, and you can do all sorts inside the jar, such as fill it with sand, or pebbles for example. You can really get this to match your theme. Be careful with ribbon, you don’t want to set the place alight! Try and get candles that will burn for the entire evening.

4. Fruit – use seasonal fruit to jazz up the tables. Tricky to find images to inspire you, but these, courtesy of Marianne Taylor Photography should be enough to convince you it looks beautiful!

creative Cornwall wedding photography

I hope this helps to inspire you!

Burrito Van – Alternative Wedding Catering

17 Jun

If you are wanting to have a slightly different wedding than the norm, look no further than a Burrito van to satisfy your guests?

Burritos, a classic Mexican dish, are delicious, and can be built up to each individuals needs, and above all, they are scrummy! Now, my personal favourite Burrito place is Benito’s Hat, with locations at Oxford Circus, Goodge Street and Covent Garden. My boyfriend and his friends introduced me to them a few months ago, and ever since I crave them! Now we have taken friends and family there, and no one ever leaves disappointed! Not sure if they cater for weddings, but if they do boy is it worth it!

However, this article is all about Burrito vans/trucks, which can come and pitch up outside your reception location. Here are a couple of vans which you can locate around London who would be worth contacting…

* Luardos, who pitches up at Whitecross Street Market, London. 11.30am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.

My favourite van by far – super cool and a bit kitsch – a glam van!

* Daddy Donkey, Pitches 100-101 Leather Lane Market, London. Breakfast burritos 7.30 to 11am, kick ass lunch burritos 11am to 4pm.

The self-proclaimed ‘kick ass Mexican grill’. Sounds good! It looks the business too.

Worth a search online to see if there are any more, but these are my faves!

If you are ‘feeling’ this idea, and need a little more inspiration, Green Wedding Shoes has a great article on an inspiration shoot for a food truck wedding. Here are my fave photos…

food truck wedding

beer at a wedding

food truck wedding

burgers and fries at wedding

There are some great ideas here, such as the fab little paper bags with beer in – a more glamorous way of drinking! Enjoy!

All Hail the Jam Jar – Part 2

16 Jun

Well, I seem to have had a lot of interest in my article on the lovely jam jar, and I just came across some new ideas on how they can be used in a creative way, so I had to share it with you. has some great ideas of creating pies and puddings in jars, which would be a great way to serve up your dessert on your special day. And, you could personally decorate the jars, and people can take them home with them after the event.

The ideas are for:

Blueberry cobbler baked in jars


Pies baked in jars (you can do any kind of pie)

Firecracker chocolate pudding

[spicy chocolate pudding in jars]

The chocolate pudding idea is so quick and easy, and requires no baking. How about trying this with Nigella Lawson’s recipe for chocolate pudding (I have tried this and it is divine!)

After feeling inspired by these ideas, I did a quick internet search for some more inspiration, which produced some more fantastic ideas! See below:

These ideas (above), including the genius muffin baked in a jar, came from Sweet Dream Events, in an article they did on jam jars.

Above, is a fantastic recipe and idea for Guinness Chocolate Pudding, courtesy of Butter Plus Cream.

Christmas pudding trifle recipe

Above is a recipe from the Good Food Channel for Christmas Trifle.

Wow, the photos above is of S’Mores Cakes in jars, which I found through Janna Beecham. The original ideas comes from How Sweet It Is. Yum!

Dessert in a Jar 2

Darling Notes is where I found the lovely two above. She found them from Babble, in an article about 15 dessert recipes for jam jars!

So, let’s get creative!

Crafty Confetti Made Easy

8 Jun

After my previous post I wanted to offer another quick alternative to DIY confetti – DIFM confetti (‘Do It For Me’ confetti!)

I am a big champion of Etsy, as it brings individuals and small business to a global audience, and really showcases crafty talent at it’s best in a way no other site does. So, if you want the look of homemade confetti, but don’t have the time or patience, let someone else do the hard work for you. Here are my top picks from Etsy…

* Confetti paper hearts by bookishengland

These lovely hearts are cut from old Mills & Boon novels, which is a very romantic touch! This is a seller from Brighton, so postage for UK residents is just 80p (50p for any additional items.) You get approximately 200 hearts per pack, and it costs £5.00Confetti paper hearts

* Personalised paper heart confetti – pure white by mommyholly

Get some lovely heart shaped confetti, this time with your initials printed on each. You get 45 hearts per pack, but get in touch and she says she can make them in any colour, and can make as many as you want. They cost just 91p per pack. As they come from Canada shipping to the UK is £1.97, and 16p for each additional item. Bargain! 

personalized paper heart confetti - pure white

* 1,000 Real Violas, dried wedding flower confetti by pleasanthedges

Breaking away from the heart theme, this is a really beautiful bunch of confetti. The dried violas make a fantastic alternative to the traditional style of confetti, and would work beautifully with a purple themed wedding. The pack costs £93.97, with postage an additional £7.52 

1000 Real Violas, dried wedding flower confetti

* 100 Vintage Atlas and Map Bird Paper Punches by dreamingofpaper

These are lovely little birdies cut out from maps and atlases, and would be great if you and your parter are known for your travels, or are heading on a travelling adventure for your honeymoon. Why not have them thrown over you as you head on your merry way in the evening, with something more traditional for after the service? The pack of 100 costs £1.41. No shipping costs are listed for the UK, but maybe get in touch with the seller and they can sort something out for you

100 Vintage Atlas and Map Bird Paper Punches

* Birdseed Tossing Bags with Hand Sewn on Rustic Tags by KOtwo

Now, this is one of my favourites! It is such a fantastic idea, I don’t know why I have never seen this before! This is not only fun, but feeds the birds and is eco-friendly, as it leaves no mess as all the birds have a delicious meal. If you are after something a little different and alternative, this is definitely they way to go. It costs £62.11 for 50 bags, which will be enough for 100 people as each pouch can be shared between two. Postage to the UK costs £9.60

Birdeseed Tossing Bags with Sewn on Rustic Tags

* 200 Cranberry, Cream & Blueberry Stars Confetti by DanisWeddingPretties

These are cute and, I think, slightly kitsch. They are a lovely alternative to traditional candy coloured confetti. A pack of 200 costs just £1.72, with an additional £1.53 for postage to the UK

200 - Cranberry  Cream & Blueberry Stars Confetti / Embellishments.. America the Beautiful...

DIY Confetti – Dried Rose Petals

8 Jun

Making your own confetti is a cheaper way to achieve a more natural feel. It can be pricey to buy real dried petals as confetti, but here is a step by step way to dry you own rose petals at home!


Things You’ll Need:

  • Roses
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard box
  • Plastic bags
  1. Cut the stems short, leaving an inch or two attached to the flower.
  2. Hold the rose in one hand and use your other hand to gently snap the stem off the flower in one swift motion, as if you were breaking a stick in half. The head of the rose should come off easily.
  3. Shake the flower gently over a bin to discard tiny seeds.
  4. Loosen all the petals gently from each other and let them fall into cardboard box. Mix the petals as you go, if you are using more than one colour.
  5. Make dried petal confetti a few days prior to use and store it in the cardboard box. Transfer to plastic bags on the day of the event. Make fresh petal confetti the same day you will use it and store it in plastic bags until needed

Let me know if you try this out!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

8 Jun

Thanks to You and Your Wedding my eyes have been opened up to a brand spanking new store in London called Mirror Mirror Accessories Boutique.

So, you have finally found the perfect outfit for your big day, but now it is the daunting prospect of finding the perfect accessories to match. Well, let Mirror Mirror help. The have everything you could possibly desire, from shoes and veils, to gloves and bags (although, let’s face it, you won’t be needing a bag on your special day…what are bridesmaids for?!)

a large antique looking book shelf is filled with lots of pairs of wedding shoes in creams and whites and in front is a chair with a feather throw in front

As you can see from the image above the shoe wardrobe (wow!) is pretty spectacular. The stock over 40 styles of designer shoes from sandals to major stilettos.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no dedicated site at the moment, but definitely check out the Mirror Mirror bridalwear website here or drop by the store at: 54 Penton Street, London, N1 9QA. It is open Monday to Saturday from 10am-5:30pm, no appointment necessary.