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all hail the jam jar

17 Aug

Cheap chic. Don’t believe me? It really is easily achievable. Get collecting now, the weirder the better. Ask friends, family, neighbours…anyone…to save up their empty jars so you can turn them into a personalised decoration for your special day.

You may have seen in my earlier post how you can use jam jars for cocktails, but here is how they can be used for anything from place names, to wedding favours…

Place setting

Candle holder

Wedding Favours (fill it with gorgeous homemade jam or chutney, and stick on a label with your names and the date of your wedding)

Place names

Serve items from it, e.g. tea bags, sweets etc.

Confetti holder – being such a new and innovative idea (!) I couldn’t find any images of this, but here is an idea of how you can paint the jam jars to match your colour theme, and then fill them with confetti – be it edible rice paper or dried rose petals

Sparkler holder


Dessert in a jar

Drinking glasses

Who would have thought the humble jam jar would have so many uses?!


portobello jewelery

17 Aug

I came across Portobello Jewelery just now and the pieces are stunning. They design headpieces for special occasions, and there is a huge variety of styles to suit any taste and theme. They often use upcycled materials, so if you are after something a little ‘greener’ then this is for you. They also create other ‘adornments’, such as elegant earrings and necklaces, so check it out.

If you love what you see, but have something else in mind get in touch with them to discuss a bespoke piece!

This is an American company, but they do ship internationally. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Payment is via Paypal.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Sahira – White peacock bridal hairpiece – $189

Ava – Jewel headpiece – $215.10

Floral Orbit – Jewel headband, rhinestones hairpiece – $189

Shiva – Feather headpiece, bridal hairpiece – $98

photo booth

16 Aug

I came across this ingenious idea a couple of weeks ago when I was looking through some photos of a wedding a friend went to. I thought that is was such a fantastic idea.

The principle is simple. Hire out a photo booth (like the ones you get passport photos taken in) and let guests at your wedding take a variety of crazy, or traditional, photographs. Best of all, you can even get them made into a photo album. Great impromptu photographs. Sorted.

Here is a selection of companies who offer this service:

Booth Nation

Rent a Booth

Snappa Box

Party Potobooth Hire

Funky Photo Booth

Photobooth Rental Hire

Get snappy!


16 Aug

Creativity is key when it comes to the tipple(s) of choice at a wedding.

For something a little out of the ordinary why not serve cocktails in a more obscure way. Perhaps you could even create a cocktail yourself.

A cheap chic ways to serve your cocktails is in jam jars. OK, sounds a bit weird. But it oddly works if you use your creativity. Why not print out some stickers with your names and date on to make it a little more personal.

If you are trying to work within a tight budget, a wedding at this time of year can work around some seasonal, British fruit. The cheapest of which are free – blackberries. You can find these in abundance all over the country, and if you find some grab some punnets and get picking. You can easily gather over a kilo in less than an hour if you find a good supply.

The classic cocktail utilising blackberries is a bramble. To make it ultra personal, try making a blackberry liqueur yourself at home!:

Here is a recipe courtesy of

  • 2 cups fresh or frozen blackberries (Important: If frozen berries are used, measure them while still frozen, because in a thawed state, they will shrink to about half the volume)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup 80-proof vodka
  • 1 cup brandy
  • 1 cup sugar syrup
  • 1 tsp lemon zest
  • 1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice

Step One Directions:

  1. Put berries and sugar in 2 Qt. Mason jar, then crush berries with a wooden spoon, then let the mixture stand to allow juice to develop.
  2. After one hour add the vodka and brandy, then shake the mixture thoroughly until all the sugar is dissolved.
  3. Add the sugar syrup, then add the lemon juice and lemon zest.
  4. Macerate at room temperature for 2 weeks.

Step Two Ingredients:

  • 100-proof vodka

Step Two Directions:

  1. Strain and filter.
  2. Blend with 100 proof vodka to taste – About 8 parts strained and filtered liqueur to 1 part 100 proof vodka

starry eyed

16 Aug

Wedding shoes are not something a bride thinks about at the last minute. Oh no. They take time and careful consideration. Not only do you need to think of style, you also need to think of comfort. Shoes that are beautiful as well as comfy are hard to come by. We all know that you can find the perfect shoe, but it can cause agony, and one of the last things you want when you are celebrating your special day is painful feet. And lets face it, you will most probably be wearing them all day.

That said, here is a selection of fabulous shoes. Your husband/wife to be may not get how it takes so long to choose a pair of shoes you won’t see (if you are opting for a full length dress), but they underestimate how an unbelievable pair of shoes can make you feel. Here are some beauties I have found, to suit all budgets:

1. Christian Laboutin – Margi Diams 120, £1,250

Available from Net-a-Porter

2. Dune – Glitzy, £119.40

Available from Dune

3. Paradox Pink – Carrie, £45

Available from Elegant Steps

4. Carvela – Gift, £63

Available from ASOS

farmyard chic

16 Aug

Check out this beautiful reception for a wedding in a farmyard. It may not be the location that pops into your mind straight away when you are planning your wedding, but think ab0ut the beautiful brickwork and timber, as well as great amount of space, you get when you utilise a barn and/or field. Certainly not one to rule out if you are after something rustic.

These images are courtesy of Lloyd Dobbie Photography

the countdown begins…

16 Aug

…keep checking back for the first post, coming soon!